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@Phil - pre - vis 2

hi Phil here are the improvements of from the last @Phil, I hope you like and ill get back to you on 29th may :)

@phil - Pre-vis update

hi, Phil, I have updated the pre-vis, I hope u like the new improvement to it and if there's anything it needs more added to it,  please tell me asap

Animation show reel submission

I have enjoyed animation toolkits this year, it has shown a great deal of what goes into an animation then drawing every single frame individually like they used to do I am glad I finally got to learn the proper weight animate by learning about timing and speed how long the character should pose or how quickly they should move, squash and stretch to make it feel more cartoonish or more realistic. I think my animations has been definitely been a big change from I started from year to now and I hope you continue to do this in the future.

Morph Animation
2 Coins - Ease in & Ease out
Pendulum Animation
4 Ball Bounces - Cartoon, Ping Pong, Tennis, Bowling
Characters - Bouncing Ball
Halloween Themed Animation
Walk Cycle
Run Cycle
Funny Walk Cycle
A Jump and Throwing a Ball
Christmas Themed Animation
pushing an Object
Flour Sack Animation
Animating Life Drawings - 1
Animating Life Drawings - 2 
X-Sheet + Lip Sync
Abstract Shapes Animation
Maya Lip Sync - Jaw Bounce
Maya Lip Sync - 3D Phonemes & Tongue …

Animation toolkit - 20 2D lip sync


Animation Toolkit - 18 music animation

Life Drawing Submission

Life drawing sometimes I felt like it was a real challenge trying to get out of my usual anime and cartoony style, however after the first few lessons I felt that I had finally come to grasp of drawing detailed life drawings but also putting my personal spin on them, then all the life drawings I have really enjoyed meeting the models and drawing it to my hearts content I feel like I have improved and I tried different materials to see which ones that the best. And I hope to continue exploring different medias and art styles throughout my actual project work.

Life Drawing Submission by laura boots on Scribd

Maya toolkit Submission

Before joining the course, I only have a small limited amount of knowledge about Maya. However now I feel that Simon has taught me a great deal of what Maya is and how it can be used, going through each editorial and learning about modelling UV texturing and other methods I have really enjoyed the Maya toolkit and will continue to use the tutorials online if I am stuck at anything I need in the program.
Intro to Maya 2016 Modelling in 3D Software Block Modelling  Texturing Part 1 - Common Shaders UV Layout One, Two, & Three Point Lighting Batch Rendering Animating in 3D Software Animation Part 1 - Using Rigs Animation Part 2 - Using Motion Paths Animation Part 3 - Using MEL Animation Part 4 - Dynamics
Modelling 1: Digital Sets Part 1 - Modelling Part 1.5 - Modelling Part 2 - UV Layout Part 3 - Lighting Part 4 - Texturing Part 5 - Bump, Spec, & Final Composite
Modelling 2 Hard Surface Modelling Organic Modelling
Lighting & Rendering Part 1: Exterior Lighting for Animation - Mid Day Part 2: Exterio…

Animation Toolkit - 17 robin animation


Maya homework - 28 tail rigging


Maya homework - 27 Rigging Techniques 3: Object Exchange

The Wicker man by Anthony Shaffer 1973 - film review 21 cutting edge

Figure 1

The Wicker man was directed by Anthony Shaffer, in 1973. This film will explore the pagan religion and the way is shown through not only the characters but through their music. The film depicts how one man’s religion, Christianity, feels neglected and ignored by the island’s religion, and the sexual temptations and struggles of the main character.

The film is about Sargent Howie, a British policeman, who comes to the island after hearing about a missing girl and wishes to investigate her going missing mysteriously. His stay on the island makes him confused and struggle to understand the customs and beliefs of the islanders. He finds himself fighting against everything that the islanders are saying to try to understand and show a new way of life to the islanders. However, the story takes a turn for the worse, as he is offered as a sacrifice to the pagan gods to create a new crop for the island.

This film has an interesting use of music, the merry sounding folk songs that are s…

Picnic at Hanging Rock by Peter Weir 1975 - film review 20 cutting edge

Figure 1
In 1975 Peter Weir created a film that explored the many ways of sexuality within an all-girls school, in Australia. Through camerawork, characters and background, to help further the story, he picked a book under the same name by Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967), to make this film.

The narrative is that on one Valentine’s Day an all-girls school in Australia plans a small picnic at Hanging Rock. However, during this trip, the girls decide to venture into hanging Rock, to explore the mountain and the glorious landscape. Things go awry, when three of the girls disappear into the mountain, and one of them runs back to the teachers, to tell what has happened. Time passes by and one of the girls is found by a man who is venturing up the mountain. Because of the incident of the girl’s disappearances, the headmistress’s reputation is dashed, and nobody wants their daughter to go to the school. As a result, she kills one of the remaining students in the school, leaving t…

Maya homework - 26 Rigging Techniques 2: Eyes


Maya Homework - 25 Rigging Techniques 1: Leg Piston


Maya homework - 24 Skinning Method 2: Post Weights & Interactive Bind


Maya homework - 23 Skinning Method 1: Interactive Weighting, Component Editor, & Paint Weights


Maya homework - 22 arms and head rig


Maya homework - 21 spine rig


Maya homework - 20 Leg rig


Fantastic voyage - reflective statement

Over this project I have my improvements and downfalls, I have enjoyed everything about this project and had fun creating the superhero comic book idea. I think it fits well, My improvement is getting cleaner at drawing and creating nice artwork to help my idea of this project, I can see a big difference from the start of the year with my work to now where I have slowly begun to explore and create more. Dr Klappa and the others agree that this is good regardless that it is unfinished, however I need to work on criticising myself in whether the video editing is good or bad, if the background needs to look more of my concept art or simple shape, also I need to make my music sound lower and the voice actors higher for it was hard to hear what he was saying in different parts of the previs. The last thing I must improve on is editing on how long the letters in the previs to help the audience see the spelling and understand what is going.

Although I didn't finish my animation due to te…

Art of Mitosis

Mitosis pre-vis


cg pipeline

untextured model 

 wireframe model

UV mapped model

ambient occlusion   

lighting test


render test

after using garage farm to test my opening animation i am happy with the results

prop orthograph


animation texture test


sound design archive

lip and eye texture test

before lips syncing I need to measure and test where the mouths should go on the model.

X-sheet - lip sync