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Figure 1 

The film Ethel and Ernest is a British film directed by Raymond Briggs who written and illustrated the film, the animated film is based on a true story on Briggs' parents and is set in World War 2. the film follows two characters under the same name of the film Ethel and Ernest, Ethel is a maid for a lady that has big middle-class dreams, Ernest is a milkman who is easy going that has socialist ideals. Giving the audience an insight into their lives from marriage to death showing the ups and downs of their relationship. 

Raymond Briggs is a British illustrator and author, creating best selling children's book like Father Christmas goes on holiday (1975), Fungus the Bogeyman (1977) and When the Wind Blows (19982). briefly, in his life Briggs was in the army helping his country, later he returned and went to the School of Fine Art and has received many honours and awards. he lives in Plumpton, East Sussex. with an interview with The Times new article, he talked about becoming an illustrator and how his art teacher reacted as well as a small insight into his parents "I became an illustrator to earn a living. When I was 16, the head of the school almost exploded when I said I wanted to become a cartoonist. He went bright red in the face and said: “Good God, boy, is that all you want to do?” There was always a snobbery between fine art and commercial art. My parents were worried stiff. They thought because I went to grammar school, I had a passport to the middle classes and a nice office job." (Conway, 2016)

Figure 2

The film Ethel and Ernest were completely hand-drawn, hand-drawn animation is where each frame is drawn by hand. It took 100 animators working on the film ending with 65,000 hand-drawn frames make the film with a program called TVPaint. the style of the animation much like Briggs' other films gives an appealing and heartwarming feeling that invites the audience into the premise by being soft and light.  the events in the film are short and do not stay on them for too long as building emotion within the audience until the end were it can be released, as this reviewer stated ''this is the unbearably poignant deaths of each: desperately sad, grim, impossible to watch except through a blur of tears. It's an engaging film, but it leaves you with a feeling that there might be a deeper, darker, more specific story yet to be told.'' (Bradshaw, 2016). 

Figure 3

the film was a great success with audiences and critic grossing $111,301,  this critic see the film as "At times the movie threatens to melt into a pool of bulldog nostalgia, but it's rescued by a wealth of authentic social detail, especially as the young couple keep a stiff upper lip during World War II. (Jones, 2017). the film won 3 Awards and was nominated for 6 awards, the winners were TheWIFTS Foundation International Visionary Awards, ANIMA - C√≥rdoba International Animation Festival and the Anima Mundi Animation Festival whilst the Nominees were Stuttgart International Trickfilm Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Imaginaria Film Festival, Golden Trailer Awards, European Film Awards and Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Briggs works are still watched/read to this day and he continues to make films and books to be enjoyed. 


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Illustration List 

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Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1 Body Modelling - 5

Gloved Hands


premise - orthographs

these are the orthographs of my characters


@Alan - photo

 Hi, Alan, I have taken different angle shots of Margate station, please tell me what you think


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@Alan - Background thumbnails

Hi, Alan, I have edited the existing thumbnails for the background to be my height as a child in the animation what do you think. 


Premise - new updated Concept art

After looking at my old concept art I was now quite happy with so I made a new detailed concept art.


@Phil and @Alan premise - background update

I have made new thumbnails and I need your advice/opinion on 3 backgrounds I am thinking on for my premise, train station, toymaker shop and a hospital room.


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premise - thumbnail 1 - 44 backgrounds and logo

these are some ideas for my project of how my background should look like