Life drawing toolkit 2 - 5

This weeks life drawing I've definitely decided that watercolour and pencil and possibly a bit of fine liner is the way I want to go with my work in thumbnails and design, it seems to be working very well for me and I love the last drawings of Robin at the bottom when he's sitting on the stool.

Maya toolkit 7 - weight lifting 2

this is a continue on the weight lifting stills, where i created in between for the in between

Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1 Head Modelling part 2


perspectives 4 - Scream


avant - garde - a new idea and method in art, music or literature nostalgia - a feeling of joy or happiness for something that brings a person back to their childhoodappropriation -using a pre-existing piece of work like an object or image and making it your own with no chages to it what so ever pastiche - an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work or periodparody - something that is making fun a cliche or genreirony - when the oppisite of something happens it is usually humorous, typical or emphatic ideology - a system of ideas that forms an economic theory and policy genre - different catagories of style and tone
Sherrie Levine is a photographer and conceptual artist who is known for taking a male artist and re-taking the picture with the same woman and some wooden background. the purpose for this photo was to discuss the notion of authenticity and originality.

5 reasons why is Scream postmodern 
the film is a horror genre that has many subdivision, they …

Life drawing toolkit 2 - 4

This weekend life drawing I really like the plastering I made I feel like this is a technique I'll be using more often now as the pencil and watercolour it's very well with my messy style yet not too messy.

Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1 Head Modelling part 1


Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring - a hero's journey review

Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' (2001) is a trilogy of films based on J.R. Tolkien’s popular fantasy novels of the same name.  The films were a blockbuster hit with both the box office and at the Oscars, receiving good reactions from audiences and from critics. For some audiences what makes this film a compelling story is that it is creative, captivating and magical for most to enjoy, for others it could be the interesting characters that audiences get to encounter throughout this thrilling tale. Writing for, reviewer, C. Agar’s thought on the film is “The films justified their three-hour run times by providing sufficient character development for each member of the Fellowship.” (Agar, 2013). This gives a strong sense that this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed the film, by how it dedicated time to the main characters, whether it be Gandalf the Grey trying help the Fellowship, Mordor or Frodo learning about the Ring secret and the power it holds.  Figure 1 The f…