Perspective 1 - homework Postmodernism

Meaning homework

high modernism - is a form of modernity, that is characterized by an unfaltering confidence of technology that reorders the social and natural world capitalist - a person who has capital especially invested in the business as well as to influence those into a product e.g u can be an individual with the new iPhone superabundance - this means that there are a super amount/lots of something disconnected - it is a feeling/physical thing that is not apart of anything anymore pop - a Popular culture that can be used for anything fragmentary - different ideas, style etc. that doesn't seem to work together and seen out of place when put together  eclectic nostalgia -  is something that is made up of various sources or styles whilst giving an affectionate feeling of  the past 
 simulacra - a representation of a person or thing superficiality - lack of thoroughness, depth into a character or serious thought into the ideas.flippant - not being able to show a serious or respec…

Life drawing Toolkit 2 - 1

In the lesson, Vicky helped me to sort out and explore artist to help with my drawing skills, for in my drawings I would like to get better with lighting and shadows, to put towards further life drawing lessons as well as project artwork e.g concept art, production art and character design. so the 2 artist I will take inspiration from is Caravaggio and RossDraws.


the Lesson artwork - (I do apologise there were technical difficulties in which I have now solve )

Collaboration - Task description

In year 2 briefing today, we were told what the Collaboration was about. We all have to create 30 seconds to a 2-minute animation about a scenario that we picked out as a group. The theme is Comedy like the Mocky the week and Whose line is it anyway T.V shows E.G unlikely things to say in church or worlds worst superhero.

My group and I have When not to....

My group, Rhia, Alex Jess and I cannot wait to start this project :)

mitosis - final animation


@Phil - Pre-vis 3

Hi Phil sorry, it took so long, hope this one is better and tell me what you think :)

@Phil - pre - vis 2

hi Phil here are the improvements of from the last @Phil, I hope you like and ill get back to you on 29th may :)