Sunday, 18 February 2018

@Phil Cone

Hi Phil

Im sorry this has taken me so long to send u this but here is my cone tell me what you think


Monday, 12 February 2018

@Alan Audio Tests

Hi Alan here are some Audio tests of how the animation could sound i dived it to 2 funny stories and 2 sad stories.



Friday, 9 February 2018

MUDBOX LESSON 5 - The final image

For the last lesson i put together my sculptures and a few models in Maya to create a table. 


Friday, 2 February 2018

Mudbox lesson 4 - texture and Normal map in Maya

i need to transfer my Mudbox model to Maya with the gloss, specular and diffuse 


Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1 Body Modelling - 1

Torso Blocking


Premise Film Reviews - Mary and Max

 Figure 1- the Poster

Mary and Max is a claymation film created by director and writer Adam Elliot, it boils down to two pen pals living in different countries, Mary Daisy Dinkle is a small little girl who lives in Australia and Max Jerry Horowitz is a 44 year old man who lives in USA New York who has Asperger's syndrome and has no friends. the follows there friendship over the years and to the very end when Max dies, the film goes . "tackling such un-animation topics such as loneliness, body image, alcoholism, suicide, and Asperger's syndrome, it's quirky, compassionate and slightly seedily sweet," (Parkinson, 2010). This resulted in a film that some may feel is choppy due to the contrast between the serious themes and the cuter aesthetic of the film. However, Mary and Max show that animated films, TV shows and short don't have to be for children, they can take on serious subjects and be for adults as well by bring attention to the these themes of suicide and Asperger to make a difference. 

Figure 2 - Max takes a picture for Mary and explains that he is Aspies who does not mind his Asperger 

Adam Elliot was the director and writer of Mary and Max,  Pond interviewed Elliot to get i feather understanding about the film, “Based on a true story...But this one is almost a documentary. I do have a pen friend in New York who I’ve been writing to for more than 20 years. He does have Asperger’s, he is a big man, he is Jewish, he is an atheist And Mary … Well, I suppose Mary is me. Her environment was very similar to my own childhood experience" (Pond, 2009) this tells a lot about Elliot about his life and experience, by giving an emotional animation and saying how it is base on his life an it gives the audiences a detailed in sight on the director himself during his childhood. Elliot in the past has made other film based upon his family and life, his past project include Selected Shorts #5: Comedy Shorts (2007), Harvie Krumpet ( 2003), Brother (2000-2011), Cousin (1999) and Uncle (1996).

The type of animation used in is is a form of animation called Claymation, using clay made characters and move them bit by bit whilst taking a picture at each movement. the Claymation of  Mary and Max gives the audiences a clear childlike effect in the story and the characters, one be like a child and the other an adult with a child mind. Animation contains a lot about children with both main characters being innocent also comes with the childlike aura of the film. As Roe McDermott
"Those adults brave enough to confront the perils of animation will be treated to a wise, visually unique, emotional gem of a film that will leave you wondering how two clay figures damn near broke your heart."(McDermott, 2010) what this means is all though the animation is childlike it is clever in exciting good adult themes and how Asperger's was seen in the time frame of the film by using the animation.

Figure 3 - Mary mails to Max 

After the release of Mary and Max it was well received by the public, it grossed $1,739,445 after being show in Australian theaters. critics praised and raved about this film. one in particular said "This clay animation feels as if it was written by the early Woody Allen. Actually the genius behind it is Adam Elliot, who wrote, designed and directed this eccentric, wryly funny story."(Muir, 2010). Mary and max took $6530117.60 and was a success winning the Ottawa International Animation Festival Grand Prize, the Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Direction in a Feature Film and the Annecy International Animated Film Festival Cristal Award for Best Feature award all in 2009.


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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Animation toolkit 2 - starting the storyboard

after seeing a quick example and how to make a infograph in Maya, i started mare design and with help from Alan started on my story board.

Storyboard so far 



Life drawing toolkit 2 - 13