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collaboration - block walking animation

this is a block animation of how moom will walk in rubber ring and shallow water animation

@Alan - models

Hi Alan i just wanted your opinion on this pier model

Character design 7 - storyboard

i was gives werewolf and angry villager

Character design 6 - props and side kicks

i was given a character and make props for them as well as create a culture sidekick

Structural Theories & Storytelling in Hook

Figure 1

Steven Spielberg's Hook (1991) is a reimagined adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan (1911). It follows Peter as a grown up man who is struggling to be a good father and has forgotten Neverland. His old nemesis, Captain Hook reappears on the scene, kidnaps Pan's children and Pan is forced by Tinkerbell to face up to the reality that they have been taken by Hook to Neverland. When the film first appeared on the big screen it had mixed reviews, one of them being that "Lacking all the hallmarks that made Spielberg the perfect choice in the first place, this bloated spin on J.M. Barrie - a grown up Peter Pan (WIlliams) tries to reclaim his inner child - remains the lowest point in the director's canon." (Thomas, 1991) he believes that the films structure and story is not up to the standards that most audiences expect from Spielberg, for his films are well plotted and flow smoothly yet this one takes a risk by trying to be something that Spielberg has nev…

Perspective 8 - Truman show Postmodernism

hyperrealism is a reality that’s more real than real, it is more enhanced to the point our desires are more than reality. simulacra - a representation of a person or thingSimulation - a representation of something that replaces that is actually being presented.Fake news is a type of journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation spread via traditional print and broadcast news media.
why the Truman show is postmodern  is a simulation by having every resident apart from Turman himself having roles to play and to follow, he is living not in life but the creators vision of a hyperrealism that is a blend of the real which is Truman and the fiction which is everyone else. it is Pastiche as it takes 50s and 60s American culture and controls it with 90s technology. It  blends the genres of comedy, drama and the suspense of horror/thriller films. The film is a metafiction, for it is multiple realities within a huge reality a film about actors acting. is a represe…

Perspective 7 - dancer in the dark Postmodernism


Metafiction - a fiction about fiction and breaks the tradition of realism. It is not the same as meta narrative they are both different.  Intertextuality - is the interrelated between text (giving Easter eggs to deadicated fans)Mise-en-abysm - a deconstruction to describe the intertextual nature of laugnage and takes us out of reality The 4th Wall - is the idea that a glass of wall is in front of the actors and audience breaks so that can interact with each other

 why Dancer In The Dark is postmodern

 Dancer in the Dark is Meta fiction by deals with the conflict between fantasy and reality. this is highlighted by Selma’s musical daydreams by using colors to bright and exaggerated symbolizing her fantasy, whilst reality is painted in brown and grey colors. It is fragmented by being broken up into parts that question the viewer in what they are actually watching, is it a musical? or a indie film? for the way it is weird camera angles and close ups. it is mise-en-abyme by  Sel…

Maya Tutorials/Pipeline 1 Head Modelling part 5


Life drawing toolkit 2 - 8


Collaboration: background design and concept art

After talking and deciding how we want our beach to look like we all agreed on a mixture of Margate, Westgate and Black pool Victorian beaches to help with the animation.


Concept Art

Perspective 6 - Funny games us Postmodernism

Normativity - it is the Concerns of what we should do and our evaluations of things whether it be social

Binary opposition - the binary opposition is a terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning.
examples include

Deconstruction - attempts to undo logical contradictions and overturn rigid conceptual oppositions while releasing new concepts that cant be included in the old system.

Différance - an attempt to conjoin the differing aspects involved in arche-writing, a term that plays upon the distinction between the audible and the written.

Derrida - finds the opposition between speech and writing to establish speech as the means of giving presence to the world, while writing is deemed derivative and inferior.

Reinscribe - rename in a new stronger form or context.

Cognitive dissonance - Having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes relating to behavioral decisions change.

Judith Butler is an American academic whose theories of the performative nature of gender were influential w…

Collaboration - character design

here are my character designs for the Collaboration project

Life drawing toolkit 2 - 7


Character design 5 - facial expressions

This week for character design we had to do two tasks first team up with someone and makes Facebook special and then drew them exaggerated to get the feel of how to make a characters facial expression sheet then we took a existing character and did a facial expression treat for them I got finger from robots. after that  I talk to Justin about my alchemist and he thinks that is better to add more shapes to the character and make him less Santa Claus like.