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Travelogue by laura boots on Scribd

Nathan Crowley - Production Designer Research

The What If? Metropolis Research - Alexander Calder

Animation toolkit - 5 Halloween

In animation, I got to make a Halloween animation for the holiday with a catch it had to have a ball bounce animation and an animation behind an object. I came up with witches workshop.

CG Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing - 6

the Halloween Life Drawing was great fun with Robin dressed up and Dr Caligari playing in the background, i got great drawings of his poses and his shadows

La Belle et la Bête, by Jean Cocteau 1946 - Film Review 6 space and environment

La Belle et la Bete by Jean Cocteau

Figure 1

In 1946 post-war, Jean Cocteau created a french Adaptation of beauty and the beast called La Belle et la Bete. This film was very influential to  Disney when they themselves creating their version of beauty and the beast, in fact, they took from this film was the name Belle for their main character for Belle is French for beauty which helps with the main location by films. Reviewers and critics seem to love this film's good visuals and its fairytale likeability, So much so it would leave reviewers screaming that "So enchanting it takes your breath away, Jean Cocteau's 1946 live-action version of the famous fairytale remains one of the most magical films ever made" (Oppenheimer, 2002) Which will audiences look at the film this statement is very true for the background and the characters are very fairytale like in their it follows this original story very well and has a light bouncy feel to it.

Figure 2The story is very easy t…

Photoshop toolkit - 5

We had  a small glimpse at our next project by looking at production design and making objects and animals combined together. 


Design Sheet 

Maya toolkit - 6 animating

Maya was great today I made a little character animation using a model called max and fooled around by making him an archer who missed the target and gets mad.

Starting pose 

Archery pose 

Animation Video 

max the poser from Laura Boots on Vimeo.

Reflecting statement

After the back on this whole project of invisible cities, I find that this was a complete enjoy to do for I really like how this project was set out as well as learning new techniques and tips in photoshop whether it be with adding colour gradient mask layer, making a hundred thumbnails of each and every city, having influence maps to create final design or the different brushes/techniques that you can use to bring my city to live. This out of all three of my final paintings I find is my interior for I love every little detail I managed to put into it as well as the patternmaking on my on the floor and the ceiling for myself it just screams Fedora museum and I'm very proud of it. The only weakness that I find in my entire project would be my exterior low angle shot I filled I rushed this too much and should have gone back to give more detail making it more stand out-ish like it up to counterparts, however, I do like it and I think it's okay but in the future I think I will foc…

Crit Presentation

Art of Fedora presentation

This PowerPoint presentation is how I created Fedora also known is the art of.
Art of Fedora by laura boots on Scribd

research into source material

this is how I researched into invisible cities as well as what city I picked
Research into source materials by laura boots on Scribd

Contextual studies - 5

Contextual studies help me see how to approach my essay and what I should talk about, I decided it should be about sylain chomet "the illusionist". The lesson showed has to use books for the essay.

Interior establishing shot - animated GIF

Interior establishing shot - animated GIF

Exterior low angle shot - animated GIF

Exterior low angle shot - animated GIF

Exterior establishing shot - animated GIF

Exterior establishing shot  - animated GIF

Final 3 concept drawings

After exploring the invisible cities by Calvino drawing over a hundred thumbnails and going through every exterior and interior that I wanted to look at I finally decided on what three final drawings, colours and lighting my three drawings should be. And here are my fine detailed concept drawings of Fedora.

Exterior establishing shot 
Exterior low angle shot
Interior establishing shot

CG Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing - 5

This week life drawing I use colour in my drawings to bring them out a bit more and I think they went really well today and I love number 3 out of today.

Alien 1979 by Ridley Scott - Film review 5 space and environment

Alien 1979 by Ridley Scott

figure 1 

In 1979 Ridley Scott decided to make one of the most influential and a thriller/slasher sci-fi films ever that would not only scare audiences out of their seats but also create a new genre of aliens this film was called Alien, this film so famous that people decide to either make a parodies of this film as well as inspire other SCI-FI films ot try and create their own scary alien space atmosphere to help with future sci-fi franchises. When it came to reviewers they will say about how good it was, for example, "Still one of the creepiest scariest most shocking films ever" (Nash, 2012) Which is true when seeing the film just midway through it after the events that happened to the characters. To make this film it cost estimated about $11 million as for box office hits it managed to make about 78,900,000 dollars, truly this film shows not only in money but also the comments it got as a film review that this is a brilliant sci-fi film even with…

Interior Establishing Shot ideas and colours

This is my ideas, choices and colour keys for my Interior Establishing shot. 

Interior Establishing shot ideas 

My Choice 

Interior colour keys ideas

My Choice

Exterior Low Angle Shot ideas and colours

Again This is my ideas, choices and colour keys for my Exterior Low Angle shot.

Exterior Low Angle shot Ideas

My choice

Colour key

my colour choice 

Exterior Establishing Shot ideas and colours

This is my ideas, choices and colour keys for my Exterior Establishing shot.

Exterior Establishing shot ideas

 My Choice 
My Colour Keys 
Colours choice 

@Phil concepts

Hi, Phil how are these concepts Exterior Establishing Shot and which one o you like.

Maya homework - 5 all lighting and animations

I manage to get this done quicker, this time, signs of improvement showing :)

lighting robot 
ship rotation animation
ball animation

bouncing balls from Laura Boots on Vimeo.

Maya toolkit - 5 lighting

learning a bit more of Maya it helps a lot, I think the lighting was good.