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animation toolkit - 2

Animation took me back to basic for this animation, struggled a bit with arranging the the frames and shapes but i think this animation came out in the with a bit of tweaking and thanks to Nat for helping me out with this animation.

Timing and Spacing Animation     Onion Skin print screen 
do's and don'ts of swinging animations  the do not 
the evenly spaced one the ease-in and ease-out one.
All of this is thanks to the 12 Principles of Animation which are:  
Squash and Stretch - creates weight and volume to characters when it moves or makes any action.Anticipation - helps with major movement for characters e.g running, jumping or a changing expressions Staging - shows the audience a pose or action that a character is doing for attitude or mood to help with the story line Straight Ahead and pose to pose - Straight Ahead is the start of a first drawing/frame and keep drawing until the end drawing, whilst Pose to Pose is more planed out and intervals the key drawings/frames through…

Maya toolkit - 4 monster inc character color

after last Friday creating our monster inc character creating and drawing it in Illustrator, this week it was time to color them in with new techniques with the pen tool, live paint bucket and  appearances tools to Finnish off our monsters.
line work
matte colors 
final drawing 

Contextual studies 2

Contextual studies has given me a early in sight of modernism and how we as a class will read it and understand it, for example what have touched is how German Expressionism in monster and twisted films where it gives of these dark themes & shows with shadows looming on the surface, then on how it is copied and/or tribute in new films in Hollywood. The task is a great help to get me ready to research before a essay.

thumbnails 27 - 50

the 2nd half to the thumbnail.
Destia  Diomira  Ersilla  Fedora  Argia  Octiva-2 

CG Artist Toolkit: Life Drawing 2

I enjoyed life drawing today and find that i need to put more entasis on when the model puts pressure on there legs and arms.  1st drawing  

2nd drawing 
3rd drawing 
4th drawing 

Metropolis - film review 2 Space & environment

Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang

In 1927 Fritz Lang created one of the most inspiring SCI-FI films called Metropolis. The film is a fantastic SCI-FI as most people would agree like Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun - Times who states that "Does what many great films do, creating a time, place and characters so striking that they become part of our arsenal of images for imagining the world" (Ebert, 2016) this statement is ture in that the settings and designs of the film make it a pure enjoyment to watch, Metropolis goes into themes like equality, sins and death. This film has given many inspirations to nearly every SCI-FI films that we all know and love today from Star Wars to Matrix, in fact if you look closely the the Machine Man in the film looks a lot like C3 PO from George Lucas' Star Wars, this is only one of the many examples of how much this film influences the future SCI-FI films we all know today.
The film starts with the poor workers going to work city and the rich …

Thumbnail 1-26

here is the first part of the project


Armilla & Baucis
Armilla & Esmeralda

Photoshop Toolkit - 2

Photoshop has help me see whats next in the line of concepts, with researching building , items and other small things to help give that extra push into ideas and creativity.

word stack 


Maya Toolkit - 3 the drinking glasses

Maya went great, im getting a good understanding on how to use the software, like with the NURBS curve tool i can draw my object then fill in the 3D and the polygon part by building it from scratch to make the object was great to know, im getting the hang of it.

NURBS - model  

Polygon - model 

Toolkit Maya - 2 monster inc university character designs

Maya was awesome today i enjoyed, we had to make background characters for monster in university (pretending theirs a 3 film coming out). We were given cups to pick the number of eyes, legs and arms to use for the character, for myself i got 2 eyes, 4 legs and 2 arms. (had a lot of trouble with trying to make the first photo light and see the drawings so i hope this is ok)

the thumbnails 

character picked
how he was made

final drawing